Saturday, May 19, 2012

A Complete Avant Home Business Review

Before you decide to jump into the Avant home business opportunity, there are some things you should know first. This post is designed to be a complete Avant review and will give you an overview of the system, the benefits, the pro's and con's and what exactly to expect if you decide to become a member. By the end of this review, you will be well equipped to make an informed decision should you decide to join the Avant business opportunity.

What makes the Avant home business opportunity stand out from the pack?

Network marketing can be a very powerful and lucrative business solution, but let's face it, there are often unforeseen issues that arise for the bright-eyed newcomer and seasoned veteran alike after jumping into many of today's leading network marketing opportunities. These issues end up resulting in a low average of people that successfully turn their new business venture into a full-time to multiple six-figure income and beyond.

Problems plaguing the traditional network marketer include low compensation on products as well as a low earning potential and poor residual income without a massive down line. Building a successful business usually involves a two to five year plan of consistent effort and growth before any real significant income is generated. Other prominent issues involve a general lack of company training or successful duplication for new business partners along with high attrition rates, consistent monthly auto-ship fees and company products that stack up in your closet. These problems can eventually add up to frustration and ultimate failure for all those without a strong resolve.

The Avant home business opportunity seeks to solve these industry-wide issues by providing a simple, yet powerful new system that has sidestepped many of the traditional problems in network marketing while turning heads and getting some amazing results.

What exactly is the Avant Home Business?

The word "Avant" comes from the Latin translation of the word "Abante" meaning "from before" or more literally translated as "progressive" or "foreword thinking". The Scottsdale Arizona based Avant company was founded in February 2010, just two short years ago. Avant has quickly become a recognized leader as a personal development, direct selling firm in the network marketing industry. Now located in 37 countries and growing, the Avant business opportunity has been rapidly gaining momentum and has emerged as the worlds premier top-tier direct sales home business opportunity.

Avant brings together all the most vital components for success necessary in any direct sales home business opportunity. It has successfully integrated the huge market of personal development with the publics insatiable appetite for the direct sales, top-tier type of business model. Labeled the "global awareness company", otherwise known as "We Are Avant", or more simply Avant. With firm roots in the personal development niche, the Avant home business is dedicated to providing inspired and practical educational programs for personal development along with a very lucrative and personally fulfilling income opportunity.

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